#15 - Takeaways from Google I/O 2017

If you have missed the keynote, you don’t wanna miss this time…

So as we are all familiar with Google and it’s innovative products, this year is no different than previous ones where they continues to amaze all of us with their continuous implementation on VR/AR/Machine Learning.

Let’s get right into the key points that matters the most for you and all others.

As we are used to Google’s​ culture from years now, they like to make things intuitive and simple along with user’s complete attention​ on what they are presenting.

This time it’s a Link - g.co/bubbles (Must Visit)

When you open this link, it opens up an interface for you to create a bubble from your side and score some points for your colors(Red,Green,Blue and Yellow) - even I don’t know what that exactly means.

It’s getting really very excited everytime when Sundar Pichai - The CEO starts off with this line - “Welcome to Google I/O 2017".

And it all becomes much more interesting to listen all the unbelievable stats like App Installs, Monthly Active Users, Total Downloads and etc etc etc in the most iconic Indian Accent.

I will not go deep into all the stats Sundar said, as we all know it’s always over a billion downloads and millions of Active Users for Google.

By Scott Huffman - Vice President Engineering, Assistant

Google Assistant your personal and individual Google for you, as they say. Now gets more advanced in terms of Improved Machine Learning to listen more accurately in noisier of environments and now can make your work more easier by just having a conversation with your Assistant​.

Now you can translate any unfamiliar languages Sign Boards and Hotel Menu when you are out of your locality, just by asking to your Assistant to translate this image in your language and further you can continue the conversation anything about that person, thing or place.

Google Assistant will be available on iPhone too.

By Anil Sabharwal - Vice President, Photos

One of my favorite Apps - Google Photos - now gets more and more advanced in understanding the context of each picture you take and allowing you to take further action onto them.

The 3 new features added is as follows:

  • Suggested Sharing — The Google Photos App now suggest you about some of your photos in your collection of others face in them to be shared with that specific person in just a click away.
  • Shared Libraries — Now you don’t have to worry about each and every picture you take from your Camera to be automatically shared with the ones you always wanted it to share and have a specific collection as you does. By enabling Shared Libraries in your App, and setting up the ones with whom you wanna share your photos, you are just a click away.
  • Photo Books — And this one is for those who wants a Hard-Book cover of their photo albums in the App, on their hands by ordering it from Google.

By Dave Burke - Vice President Engineering, Android (So Cool)

Android O Developer Preview is the thing we all are waiting for, but it’s not that big update like Lollipop (Material Design), but with some real fun updates/tweaks in our day to day experience with Android.

Some key tweaks are :

  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Notification Dots
  • Autofill with Google
  • Smart Text Selection

And Google now thrilled to make Kotlin an official language on Android.

Whether you use it or not, it will come some where handy for you in your life once — that’s Google for you.

I am just a big Admirer of Google,it’s innovations,it’s Products, it’s dedication,it’s environment,it’s work culture and basically everything.

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Kudossss To Googlers

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