Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached. — Swami Vivekananda

It’s a long time since I wrote something on Medium.

My mind made many excuses like I don’t have time to write on this beautiful platform called Medium.

But my inner self knows that I have to write something on Medium because it allows me to express my feelings which otherwise I can’t.

There is nothing more beautiful than writing on medium and get some eyes rolling on and appreciate your writing and give feedbacks and suggestions.

But what made me came back here again is not just writing but my physical fitness and mental fitness which is not so much in good shape because of my daily routine and my day job.

And on top of it I got one more major excuse which is COVID-19 or the lock down phase which is I think on top of excuses list of every one of us.

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every kind of food that I can get from sweet to sour to bitter from pizza to sweets to parathas and what not I have relished everything.

That, unsurprisingly increased my body fat and due to that I think I am facing lots of short headaches and stamina issues in whatever activity I perform.

That’s why to keep my fat intact I decided to lose some fat and get in shape and get in some good shape, the shape I can feel proud to be in.

Because of which now I have to wake up early and get some walking done and I have plans of doing cycling also to make it more faster - the burning process.

Because I have to wake up early I have some time to write some motivational stuff for myself or for my friends or colleagues anyone who wants to get inspired.

I hope I can continue writing on this beautiful platform called Medium because it has given me so much exposure and confidence that I can write and I can get some appreciation from other beautiful writers or readers.


Flutter Developer. Sincere By Nature. Cricket Fan By Birth. Wanna Inspire Every Second. Blatant Human!!!

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