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Dharmesh Basapati
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As we all say goodbyes are hard to say but now I can truly understand that phrase as I am moving from that phase.

It was in reality a game-changing and career changing experience for me because of many different factors and colleagues.

On 2nd Jan 2020,

Starting up with my first day at the office, I was sitting in the conference room besides Nitin Jadav who was sitting there silently with the hope of getting tea or coffee from Mukhtar Kaka. But who have imagined that he will end up becoming one of my best friend(s). Then we were called for setting up our Matrix data and introduction with team on the floor. From there on our journey continues.

I was appointed one Buddy as Deewankshi Sharma who was way more talented than any of us as she knows almost everything from Android, iOS,
React Native, and, Flutter. So there’s a lot to learn from my seniors like Kalpesh Sir and Javid Sir who are more than colleagues to me.

Then I got my first Android project in the company as Talk Eazy which is a very interesting idea for an app. So I developed it and got good response too. Then side by side also started maintaining company’s product. Also got involved with my mobile team which has some solid knowledge
in them in terms of development, life, investment, and, fun.

One of the most memorable moment for me is undoubtedly the one-day trip of ATAPI - The Wonderland. We are thrilled and excited to have some chill
and light moments of our lives with our colleagues. And whoever came in that ATAPI trip knows about TAGADA ride and how many times we have consumed that ride. I think Dharmesh Sir over consumed that ride and totally enjoyed Tagada.

You can see Raju Bhai enjoying the ride !!!
You can see Raju Bhai and Sabir Bhai enjoying the ride !!!

But then…March of 2020 came

Everything is going all cherries and blossoms like Christmas Season. But from nowhere(China) something suspicious comes in all of our lives.
I don’t think I need to tell you anything about COVID-19 but one thing is for sure that it has totally changed our lives and how we think about living a life. Every field of the life has to update their processes and flows like the beginning of work from home culture in IT companies. We were also asked to work from home. And in that phase of around 3 months I learned Flutter and little-bit of React Native too.

Then when the situation slowly became normal in July I was asked to join office again for working from office. It was kind of a fresh start for me as I have joined again with some fresh knowledge of Flutter and React Native. I was asked to finish 2 React Native projects as their associated developers left the company. I did that and published their latest versions on respective stores. Everything back to normal like COVID is not there at all in our lives.

We were bidding for some Flutter projects now and fortunately Ashish Rathod found one exciting and challenging app requirement which was in Flutter.

The requirements specified by client are little out-of-the-box and very private as they want a hidden and secure chatting app. But then we gave estimated and somehow we get started development. Lots of ups and down came and lots of changes in requirements came in the project as every client do each time. But we continued the development and finished it and published the live versions of the app in the respective app stores. Got some good and little bad reviews too but it was all and all a very challenging and exciting
app to be part of.

Then came the festive months of the year and our company celebrated Diwali, Christmas, and New Year. But this time it was special for me as I have participated in one small comic bit and played Kapil Sharma in it where our beloved and funny Nitin Jadav played Dr. Mashoor Gulati. And it was special because that was my first stage appearance in my whole life. But somehow we did it and was really inspiring for me as I have done something different this year.

Then we welcomed new year 2021 with lots of joy and happiness but like the previous year 2021 also disappointed us with second and third wave. We were again asked to do work from home but this time shift by shift or alternate days. In April, Kalpesh Sir left the company and we were became kind of orphans who has to maintain and understand existing Mobile Apps and in general Mobile Team without any Team Lead. But slowly and gradually we took responsibility and handled whatever came in our directions. We have also prepared lots of project estimations for the projects brought by Ashish Rathod. Then I also worked in 2 small client projects in Android Native.

If I have to summarised my journey in this company then I can say that it was one hell of a rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and downs in between but as we took one breath of relief after that rollercoaster ride reach the endpoint I also took the breather and enjoyed this journey and learned lots of new experiences and stuff by interacting with different people in this company. Made lots of new friends(Nitin, Harsh, Ashish Rathod, Jay Garach, Akshay Chaturvedi, Akash, Naimisha, Neha, Anjali, Pankit, Sabir Bhai, Nikunj, Jayesh, Raju Bhai, Darshak) in between who will stay my best friends for life. Made lots of mistakes in the journey of 2 years and learnt one golden point that those mistakes are meant to happen and those silly mistakes taught me something which no other experience can teach me.

Special Note: The only thing that I think I can help you all is with positive attitude towards whatever situation we are in. Be A to Z positive !!!

Some beautiful memories in the journey with my family…

Advance Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year 2022 !!!

P.S: I will be available 24*7 for all your doubts or issues or wishes if any.

Me and Harsh gungunaying this song….

Kudos to All !!!

🏮अनुगच्छतु प्रवाहं 🏮



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