Rise Above The Noise !!!

Date: 13 March 2019

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

It is super duper crucial to rise above the noise.

Many of us struggle for our places in that huge crowd of same and boring people. We try to compete against all those people who are also struggling with us in that same crowd. The fights and struggles are just keeping us involved in this not so worthy crowd.

But the ones who identify, analyze, and aware themselves that this same old crowd where they are fighting and struggling is not their territory or space and that they belong to some unique and special bunch of humans are the ones who do make an effort to rise above the normal, same, boring, standard, and make their mark.

You have to come out of the crowd and do something enormous to make that same crowd cheer and applaud for you like crazy people.

Just rise above and rise above that noise to clear things up.

P.S. “It’s when ordinary people rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached.” — Mike Huckabee

#KudosVibes #TheGameIsOn

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