The Ultimate Video Calling Solution

Dharmesh Basapati
3 min readNov 21, 2020

Need of the hour

We are all living and surviving in this pandemic facing all kinds of tough times but still fighting together as one team. Who would have thought that working from home will become a new normal and most of our daily activities will happen digitally over the internet. But somehow we have to live through this from now on.

Most of our time is now spent over video calling our friends, colleagues, and relative as we have to maintain the social distance from them as to keep all of us safe from this virus.

In the current time, most of us need some audio or video communication portal to connect to our loved ones. Many websites are searching for affordable and secure audio or video platform/portal to integrate and communicate with their users and customers.

Problem of the hour

Currently, the businesses are going through too many problems to get the single job done. Some basic problems like,

  • They have to invest a lot of time, effort, and money to develop their own video calling portal and integrate in their websites and apps.
  • And if they go for some other video calling services available in the market then they have to pay for every seconds and minutes of data being used.
  • There are some so-called free video calling services available but for that businesses have to compromise their website privacy and user’s data, who knows what’s happening in the background.

So, what’s the solution, buddy ???

The Ultimate Solution

There are some pre-developed solutions for video calling available in the market which are easy to setup, customize, and integrate and the most importantly — are cost effective and budget friendly.

And you guessed it right, we have developed a perfect solution for resolving all the above problems by doing some basic research and development in the…

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