Top 5 Medium Writers in 2018 (For Me)

Who inspired me to another level in writing this year !!!

You have to be grateful for every minor or major thing that happens to you and just being grateful for those things doesn’t work until you thank them for what effect they had on your life by saying a big THANK YOU. And what better way then write a fresh article totally dedicated for them.

Here is my thank you post for those writers who made my 2018 on Medium even more enjoyable and grateful to remember.

Shannon Ashley

Followers count4731

In her own words: Single mama, full-time writer. It’s not about being flawless, it’s about being honest. Top Writer in 10+ tags.

One of the top writers on Medium. One of the honest and authentic writers I have come across. The thing that stands out about her is her strength and ease to write on the topics which most of us don’t find comfortable to write and then share it with the world. The efficiency and details with which she writes every article of her is really appreciative and mind blowing. And the follow up articles about her earnings from Medium and getting success in a short span of time are just as motivating as she is. I can just hope more power to her and more strength to her writing as the years passing. Her recent article on her Medium success is one hell of a motivational article for any aspiring and budding writer, blogger, or hustler.

Thank you for everything and every article you write !!!

Sinem Günel

Followers count1376

In her own words: Vienna , 21 years, digital entrepreneur, education and personal development enthusiast, Grab free Productivity Ebook:

The quality and resourceful articles she writes is the most eye pleasing thing about her writing. At this early age, she does write effortlessly and keeps her readers always focus on her writing content. The choice of topics and the depth she goes in those topics is really appreciative. As her bio said that she’s a digital entrepreneur, I am really looking forward to grab as much information as I can from her experience in this field. This article of her is one thing that you need to read before entering into 2019.

Thank you for everything and every article you write !!!

Kamga Tchassa

Followers count2955

In his own words: Husband. Immigrant. Storyteller. I make videos here:

He is a cocktail of everything in writing and in real world. A lot to learn and take away from his articles as he portrays and conveys all his articles in a very ‘straight to the point’ manner. Recently he wrote a short fiction titled Sandra, which makes my heart fell for his fiction style writing much more than ever. He also runs a YouTube channel and inspire someone like me to step into video making and things of that nature.

Thank you for everything and every article you write !!!

Stefani Vader

Followers count468

In her own words: Lover of reading and writing. Hater of retail work. Small fish in a big pond, learning as I go.

The range and category of topics she covers in her articles is awe-inspiring and incredible. She writes a lot about life lessons, personal growth, and her own experiences of life whether good or bad or worst. The one article of her which still resonates with me is when she wrote about her mother’s illness and her deteriorating state and how she is slowly disappearing from her eyes. You can too read that article here and try to feel that mental stress which she must have felt and gone through.

Thank you for everything and every article you write !!!

Luke Rowley

Followers count2305

In his own words: I help families find balance. Top writer in 10+ tags. Published over 200 articles across 10+ publications. My guide to better goals:

Top writer in Mental Health, Parenting, Psychology, Health, Writing, Inspiration, Self Improvement, Life Lessons, Creativity, Social Media, Productivity

As you can read above, he has a vast experience in writing tons of articles on tens of thousands of varied topics covering each and every aspect of the life from Mental Health to Productivity. The simplicity of the content and flow of the articles is so beautifully crafted that you just went on to another level of reading altogether. His Play to you strengths article is in my reading list from the time when I first read it.

Thank you for everything and every article you write !!!

P.S.- I am really sorry for all my fellow writers who are not in this list but they are in my hearts and here I am thanking them all for be a part of my journey. Gary Vaynerchuk , Benjamin Hardy, Steve Campbell, Frank McKinley, Michelle Monet, Michael Thompson, Nicole Akers, Jewel Eliese, Jessica Nicasio, Colleen Golafshan, Glenna Gill, Tom Kuegler, Jack Heimbigner, N.A. Turner, Sandy Peckinpah, Nick Bnns, Shayne Seymour, Greg Prince, Iva Ursano, Nupoor Raj, Alicia T. Rust, Randy Shingler, Janis Cox, Judy Herman, LPC-MHSP, Tom Stevenson, Michael Shook, Erika Sauter, Erika Chaudhary, Sapir Lala, Elle Fredine, Kay Bolden, Christina Hausauer, Mark Escalera, Violet Escalera, Hank Eng, Martine Weber, K. Kris Loomis 📚, Dr. Christine Bradstreet 🌴 and many many more.

Kudos to Medium !!!

Flutter Developer. Sincere By Nature. Cricket Fan By Birth. Wanna Inspire Every Second. Blatant Human!!!

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